We at Circle “C” Ranch Academy are delighted to have the opportunity to love nurture and educate young children. Our goals are to provide each child with a quality education, to nurture each child’s individual gifts and abilities, and to teach them social skills and responsibilities. We provide academics in a developmentally appropriate environment through language arts, reading, math/science, music, Spanish, and nature/animals. The method of teaching is center based hands on interaction while identifying the learning styles of each child and supporting his/her interest. We believe that children learn best through this type of environment, in which they can experience the learning directly through innovative activities. We strive to nurture each child’s social and emotional well-being through character development.

We also strive to instill in them the desire to care about each other, to share, to be kind and to respect others ideas and feelings. We also encourage the same morals and understanding when it comes to the horses and various animals at Circle C Ranch.

Circle C Ranch Academy is a business and as such intends to be lovingly and responsibly operated in and ethical and profitable manner. We serve many constituents including the children, their parents/ families, our teachers, the support staff and the South Tampa/McDill Community

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Circle C Ranch Academy